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We introduce you to one of the best space saving system in modern times "Compactor Storage Systems". Now a day’s space is the costliest and scarce part of your office ecosystem. How would you feel if there is a technique to create additional storage space within the existing area? We introduce you to the ultimate mobile storage system with the latest technology which is noise-free, effortless and provides smooth operation for decades. The system is secured, lockable and cost effective way to keep your office documentation etc.
Compactor Storage Systems requires lesser space and provides more storage in comparison to than conventional racking systems. With the help of compactor storage system you can save upto 60% of your space or can consume up to 100% of your storage area.
We as Compactor manufacturer design compactors to minimize power in order to move heavy items. The system glides on gears, rollers and chains for smooth movement of the storage structure. Since storage units are movable only one aisle is required to service multiple racks.

Design Principle :

Compactor Storage Systems / Mobile compactors are designed in such a manner that it eliminates the need for space requirement between two fixed racks and this space can be utilized to accommodate more racks.
Here, the racks are movable and are mounted on tracks which allows racks to move forward and backward. Because of this revolutionary design we need only one aisle to access the stored items. Compactor Storage can be moved with the help of a motor reducing the need for manual power and making a lot easier to reach the stored items.

Compactor Storage Models / Configurations

As Compactor manufacturer weoffer two types of Mobile Rack Systems.
Manual type:
These types of systems are generally made for light weight items. They are operated manually and do not have a motorized drive mechanism. This type of system is effective for quiet and easy operation at lesser cost and offers effective space saving in comparison to Mechanical type systems.
Mechanical type:
This type of system fulfills need for medium or heavy duty units, units can weigh up to 1MT to 3MT. Generally a hand wheel is provided which is connected to gears, turning the wheel will move the cabinet. This is designed to move heavy cabinets with less effort. Every cabinet comes with a separate hand wheel. High quality material used in our cabinets makes sure that the movement is smooth and quite.
Compactors Storagesystem has a position locking facility which makes sure that the person who is operating the system is safe at all times.

Advantages :

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